We are an organization that is at the service of the minority groups of Peru and Latin America, whose vision is to impact lives through providing them with the basic truths of the Word of God, through the development of Audio Visuals.

Today, the New Testament has been translated into many of our languages in Peru by the Summer Institute of Linguistics during the past 65 years.

Because of all this work in Bible translation, ILMAV feels called to promote this effort by providing each of these ethno linguistic groups with the opportunity to see and hear what God has for them.

The primary goal of ILMAV is the promotion of the Holy Scriptures, not only in our country, but also in other countries of Latin America that require it.

Know that there :

+ Complete Bible 554
+ New Testament 1333( and some portions)
+ Only portions 1045 (one or more books)

Of the 7000 languages spoken in the world, 2932 has at least one book of the day Biblia.
Hoy million people worldwide have access to the Word of God in the language they understand best.